Blogger application for Mobile

Blogger Blogger application for Mobile Google Blogger is a popular web publishing tool used by millions of people around the world. We were using a Blogger custom domain before moving all blog posts and files of this domain to a WordPress installation. Blogger team is consecutively improving the features of the blogspot platform. Earlier they had released a new template designer, Google Analytics tools, Amazon integration, mobile version option, etc. The latest development from Blogger is the introduction of a standalone mobile application for Android devices.

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Redirect Blogger atom.XML feed to WordPress feed

Transfer Blogger .xml feed to Wordpress feed Redirect Blogger atom.XML feed to Wordpress feed

We first started our blog in Blogger and later transferred it to WordPress platform. Soon after that we have seen an improvement in web traffic and earnings. However, we noticed a drop in traffic from websites where we had submitted our old .xml feed. As you all might know, the feed URL in a Blogger blog is or (for custom domain). For a WordPress blog, the full blog feed URL is There are two major problems that would affect a transferred Blogger blog in this case. It will lose those readers subscribed to old feed address and also the traffic from blog directories where the .xml feed had submitted. Post Feed Redirect URL feature in Blogger is useful only in saving the subscriber list – the location of the atom.xml will remain 404 in WordPress.

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How to add a forum in Blogger blogspot blogs

Add forum in Blogger blogspot How to add a forum in Blogger blogspot blogs

Google owned Blogger has become an important tool for web publishing. Blogger is easy to learn, customize and is being  preferred as a  free alternative to professional blogging platforms like WordPress.  Blogger users don’t need to care about the hosting configuration, subscription charges and other associated problems. However, any blogger  user has only the option to customize the front end, they are not allowed to install server side web scripts and application to their blogspot or custom domain. This would  limit the Blogger users from installing forums, and other useful applications.

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New Blogger template designer for custom themes

Blogger template Designer 300x148 New Blogger template designer for custom themes

Google Blogger today introduced a new feature called template designer. As we all know, few of the official Google Blogger templates are already customizable to some extend. Blogger took it one step ahead  by launching a new template designer with plenty of features.  All Blogger in draft users might have already seen the new option above their post editor. Others can just go o and set Blogger  in the draft as their default dashboard. After this, go to the post editor and select Blogger template designer. So far, there are 15 template designs that are available in 2 column and three column layouts. Each template can be personalized using the collection of images and patterns provided in association with iStockphoto.

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Add contact form in Blogger or website without branding

1077 Add%2Bcontact%2Bform%2Bin%2BBlogger%2Bor%2Bwesbite%2B no%2Bbranding%2B Add contact form in Blogger or website without brandingContact form is an essential widget for every blog . Webmasters will be able to collect help requests ,page issues , advertising deals etc. without exposing email address or other details .Unfortunately Blogger doesn’t have an inbuilt method for adding contact forms .We have already covered kontactr contact form widget for Blogger which uses some kind of branding in each widget .

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Related posts with thumbnail preview for WordPress and Blogger

989 Linkwithin%2Brelated%2Bposts%2Bfor%2BBlogger%2BWordpress Related posts with thumbnail preview for Wordpress and BloggerHaving a related posts section is very important for every blog both in terms of traffic and seo . We have already a shared a method to add  related posts in Blogger by using a simple JavaScript hack . Linkwithin related post widget is somewhat similar to the above widget ,but it adds thumbnail previews from those related posts .Linkwithin related posts widget works with WordPress ,Blogger and Typepad .

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